The method that I've helped hundreds of people use to kick start their weight loss journey 

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Liana Rodriguez, D.O., IFMCP As Seen On WLOX: 

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Gut Health 


Tired of planning your life around bathroom times? Learn how to Trust Your Gut once and for all.


Metabolism & Detox


Lose Weight & Balance Blood Sugar in a safe way that involves eating REAL food sustainable for life.


Clinical Genetics


Learn how to play the cards that life has dealt you, with genetic testing results you can APPLY to your health regimen.

Here's What Clients Are Saying: 

 Dr. Rodriguez is the perfect combination of what I was looking for in a doctor...caring yet efficient. She won't waste your time and she will balance your gut and your hormones, for sure. I love her functional approach to medicine.

Betty Sue O.


I can not say enough about Dr. Liana. She has seriously changed my quality of life. When conventional medicine failed me, I went seeking someone who would partner with me to help me in my autoimmune journey. I am not only functioning, but thriving!

Ferna W.


Dr. Rodriguez looks at things from a functional medicine point of view & takes the time to get to you know as a person and a patient. Her view of wellness is holistic, insightful, and soulful!


Presley M.


Holistic Care

Work with a trained Physician to gain real results. 


Hey There! I'm Liana, a cat person with a Dog named Maggie.

For years I suffered with Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, episodic Depression and feeling disconnected from myself.  I was dependent on 5 shots of espresso a day from Starbucks to get me through work & home life.  My conventional medical training failed to find me a solution that worked.  I realized I was only applying a band-aid to my symptoms and never addressing their root cause, and that's when I discovered Functional Medicine.  Not only was I Mold Toxic with an imbalanced Microbiome and Insulin resistant... my mindset was wired for subconscious self-limiting thoughts & beliefs.  While it's taken time to get back to feeling better, it was absolutely worth the journey.  I personalized my care using Functional Medicine, and immersed myself in personal development to shift my mindset.  I am deeply committed to working with people who are just as driven to experience a true life transformation. 

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